Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tinnitus medications- Are there any effective treatments for ringing ears?

Many people, desperate for their condition to stop, are looking to find tinnitus medications. The problem is that, up until today, there is no medications that stop tinnitus. But there are natural healing remedies for tinnitus condition.

There are several exeption to this. When your tinnitus is caused by a head injury or you have a brain tumor, than you may eliminate tinnitus through surgery. However, there is nothing for sure and it can have side-effects to your health. You should discuss with your doctor about them before taking a decision.

Usually, what doctors recommend it as tinnitus medications are sleeping peels, or neuro-psihological treatments that help you to cope better with your condition. There is no secret that sufferers of aggresive tinnitus have a hard time dealing with day to day duties.

Other solution could be following a hemopathic route. Ginko biloba is a good ailment for tinnitus symptoms.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Stress induced tinnitus- Is your stressful life cause you tinnitus?

Unfortunately a stress induced tinnitus is one of the main causes of getting the ringing noise in your ears. This is hapening because a stressful life can affect the way our brain function, including the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus plays a great roll in our right functioning life. It is situated in third art of our brain and it is very sensible for all thats shock, injury, anxiety, pressure in our life. It controls lots of important glands on our body, including the nervous system and pituitary glands.

When you are very stressful and anxious the hypothalamus refuse to produce the much need it chemicals for the a healthy body functioning. This is turn can cause you multiple health problems, stress been one of the maor causes of various diseases in our odern life.

Stress induced tinnitus
is one of them and you should try to reduce it from your life style if you want to stop the ringing ears. There are various methods that can help you reduce the stress like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, exercizing, etc. All this activities plus some homeopathic cures for tinnitus can help you eliminate the ringing in th ears.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Gingko Biloba a chinese remedy for tinnitus relief

Gingko Biloba is a good tinnitus remedy for tinnitus sufferers. Gingko Biloba was used by the chinese medicine since 19 century ago. Yet, only much more later was really used on a larger scale for different kinds of illnesses.

The leaf extract of this plant is very effective in restoring the blood flow to the brain and other organs to your body. Also it is very effective in treating diseases which are of cardiovascularly, reproductive or circulatory nature.

Tinnitus or ringing ears can be caused by a poor blood circulation of the brain and ears. This is explaining for you why Gingo Biloba it is recommend it for tinnitus relief. Also it can helps you deal with the ageing of the body, another cause of hearing loss.

Ginko Biloba, like other herbs, is very effective in using with other types of natural plants to help you with the circulatory system and eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus. Click here to find more about which herbal remedies work the best for tinnitus!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Pulsatile tinnitus

Pulsatile tinnittus is an uncommon form of tinnitus. It is caused mainly due to hypertension,abnormality of vein or artery, glomus or Eustachian tube disorder.
The sound of pulsatile tinnitus resemble the heart beatings. The good news is that it can be easily cured. Click Here To Read More!

The main symptoms of pulsatile tinnitus are a rhytmic beat, low pitched booming, swhishing,multiple bihasib beats.

If it is caused by hypertension than a treatment to cure it will solve your ringing ears. Also cholesterol can be lowered with a proper diet. Checking the veins or arteries is also beneficial. If they are blocked than you can repair them with surgery.

Most of the people with pulsatile tinnitus are given drug treatments, acupuncture, relation theraphies and alternative therapies.